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Welcome to the UIHJ website of the International Congress of Rio de Janeiro 2024.

The International Union of Judicial Officers (UIHJ) is an international non-governmental organization created in 1952 to promote, coordinate, and develop the activities of judicial officers and legal officers in the international arena. Through close collaboration between representative professional bodies at the national level, the UIHJ strives to ensure the dignity and independence of the profession to provide better service to individuals and the community.

Currently, the UIHJ has 103 members from 98 different countries. It also actively collaborates with various international organizations such as the UN, UNCITRAL, the Hague Conference on Private International Law, the World Bank, the IMF, USAID, the Council of Europe and CEPEJ, the European Union, the EBRD, the European Law Institute (ELI), OHADA and ERSUMA, the UEMOA, and ASEAN.

We are thrilled to organize our first International Congress in Latin America in Rio de Janeiro in 2024 and look forward to welcoming you to share our passion for the profession and discuss current and future issues in our field. Stay tuned for more information on this exciting event!

Many reflections and significant advances for the profession of judicial officer have emerged from the international congresses of the UIHJ:

  • Cyberjustice, new opportunities for the Judicial officer (Dubai 2021)
  • Guaranteeing Secure and Sustainable Justice – The Judicial Officer, an Essential Element of Good Governance (Bangkok 2018)
  • The Judicial Officer: Link between Law and economy, a New Approach to Enforcement – presentation of the Global Code of Enforcement (Madrid 2015)
  • The Judicial Officer of the 21st Century (Cape Town 2012)
  • The Judicial Officer in the Law, in the State, in the World (Marseille 2009)
  • The harmonization of enforcement procedures in an area of justice without borders (Washington 2006)
  • The globalization of law in an area of universal justice (Tunis 2003)

From 7 to 10 May 2024 will be held in Rio de Janeiro the 25th international congress of the judicial officers on the topic of: “The judicial officer: the trusted third party”.

On this occasion, the UIHJ will reveal its work relating to the creation of the World Code of Ethics and professional standards.

Participation in the work of the congress is open to all and we are expecting many of you in Rio!

You will find all the information about our 24th International congress on this site.

In a world dominated by the economy, it is essential for legal professionals to fulfil their role by reinforcing the status and prestige of the law.

In respect of enforcement law, the UIHJ uses its experience and influence to ensure the efficient enforcement of legal decisions, wherever possible.

The UIHJ is also at the core of e-Justice by presenting the judicial officer as an influential, trusted third party, responsible for this core activity.

On the scientific level, the UIHJ has a Scientific Council made up of 12 university professors from four continents and has signed cooperation agreements with several universities worldwide.

The UIHJ published in 2015 the Global Code of Enforcement and in 2021 the Global Code of Digital Execution and will unveil at this congress in Rio de Janeiro the Global Code of Ethics and Professional Standards.

Every three years, the UIHJ organizes the international congress of judicial officers, a unique scientific event, and a great opportunity for contacts for the profession of judicial officer.

The international congress of the UIHJ constitutes a unique platform for exchanges to which judicial officers from all over the world and large organizations bring their thoughts to work together for the development of the work of justice.

Considering its continental dimensions, Brazil has more than 30,000 Judicial Officers, divided between Federal Officers, Labor Court Officers, Military Officers, Superior Courts Officers and each of the 27 States of the Federation and Federal District Court Officers.

In this context, created in 1998 from the union of state associations of Federal and Labor Judicial Officers, FENASSOJAF emerges to represent these professionals nationally who represent a portion of the general body of Judicial Officers in the country. Recently, FENASSOJAF took an important step in its evolution, transforming itself from a National Federation into a National Association, which only strengthened its fight for the defense of the rights and prerogatives of the Federal Officers, Labor Court Officers, Military Officers and of the Federal District and Territories Court Officers.

Along this path, FENASSOJAF established its link as a member entity of the UIHJ in 2004, and since then, this relationship has evolved more and more, always seeking to strengthen the ties, which culminated in the election of the city of Rio de Janeiro as the host city of the 25th Congress of the UIHJ.

In this way of organizing the 25th Congress, FENASSOJAF received with great euphoria the decision of the national entities FESOJUS – Federation of Judicial Officers’ Union Entities of Brazil and AFOJEBRA – Federal Association of Judicial Officers of Brazil, not only to support the realization of this 25th Congress, but in harmony between the three entities, to compromise that in 2024, the 25th Congress of the UIHJ will be the only event of the year for our profession in Brazil, because the three traditional meetings of each entity, namely CONOJAF, CONOJUS and ENOJUS will not take place.

In this way, FENASSOJAF, FESOJUS and AFOJEBRA receive the 25th Congress of the UIHJ as a large event of gathering colleagues from all over the world, but also as a national symbol of unity. Together they reinforce their invitation.

To the Judicial Officers from all over the world, the united entities of Brazil are calling you to come! Come, because our country will welcome you with open arms with the hospitality that is typical for the Brazilian people.

Welcome message

Marc Schmitz

President of UIHJ

Rio de Janeiro is waiting for you!

The 25th International Congress of the UIHJ is on the starting blocks.

The event, which only occurs every three years, constitutes a highlight in the professional life of the judicial officer and the next edition will be organized in the vibrant city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The decision to organize for the first time in its more than 70 years old history the UIHJ International Congress on the Latin American continent testifies our particular interest for this part of the world.

UIHJ is very grateful for the successful partnership with FENASSOJAF, the Brazilian association of federal judicial officers, which will guarantee a smooth organization and comfortable stay for all participants.

The chosen topic of the Congress “THE JUDICIAL OFFICER – THE THIRD TRUSTED PARTY” will turn the focus to the capital role of the judicial officer as guarantor of legal certainty.

Events like our 25th International Congress can help us to secure the future of our profession, to guarantee its durability, and generate further considerations.

UIHJ with its 103 member associations from 98 countries and 5 continents can be considered as one of the largest international organizations of legal professionals in the world, and it is only by speaking with one voice that we will achieve our goals.

The presentation of a Global Code of professional standards, during the 25th International Congress of the UIHJ in Rio de Janeiro, will become another milestone in the history of our organization, after the presentation of the Global Code of Enforcement in Madrid (2015) and the Global Code of Digital Enforcement in Dubai (2021).  It will again be an opportunity for the UIHJ to distinguish itself and to inspire the creation of harmonized national legislation in the field of enforcement and enforcement professionals, based on international standards.

Under the direction of Patrick Gielen, General Rapporteur of the Congress, a multitude of panelists and experts will contribute to the success of the event during a scientific program which will meet even the highest expectations.

I look forward to welcoming you to Rio de Janeiro in May 2024.

Rio de Janeiro is waiting for you ….


President of UIHJ

Mariana Liria

President of FENASSOJAF

Dear Judicial Officers, ladies, and gentlemen,

From May 7 to 10, 2024, the 25th UIHJ International Congress will be held in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

This will be the first international congress of the International Union of Judicial Officers held on Latin soil.

It is with great satisfaction that FENASSOJAF has the honor of hosting the first international congress in Brazil and receiving our brothers from all over the world in a unique interaction and exchange of experience.

For us, Brazilian and Latin American Judicial Officers, it will be a unique opportunity for a world meeting of Judicial Officers, at our home, in Latin America, in South America, in Brazil, in Rio de Janeiro.

Since the last congress, when Brazil was chosen to host the 25th International Congress of the UIHJ, we have already started work to provide you with the best welcome, combined with the legal training already peculiar to our congresses.

Be sure that you will be very welcome and very well received in our country; your presence is very important to us, and everything is being prepared with great care, especially for you, so that you have the best experience at an international congress.

FENASSOJAF awaits, with open arms, the worldwide fraternity of Judicial Officers, women, and men, for this international congress that will be marked by the dedication and Latin welcome that you deserve.

Thank you very much and see you in Rio.

Patrick Gielen

General reporter of the Congress

Dear colleagues and friends,

It is with immense pride and great responsibility that I have accepted the role of General Reporter for the XXV Congress of the UIHJ, which will be held from May 8 to 10, 2024 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Not only is it the XXV Congress of the UIHJ, which has just celebrated its 70th anniversary, but it is also the very first congress organized in Latin America.

As General Reporter, I have been tasked by the bureau to prepare and organize the congress in collaboration with FENASSOJAF, and to bring a personal touch to it to evolve it in a constantly changing world.

In this regard, I proposed the creation of a competition for students and PHD candidates, in partnership with various universities, to introduce our profession not only to the academic world but also to young people, who represent the future. It is essential to show them the richness, diversity, and importance of the profession of judicial officer.

As for the theme of the congress, “The Judicial Officer: The Trusted Third Party”, I wished to return to the foundations of our profession. What makes us who we are, why are we important to the functioning of a rule of law? It is only if we have solid foundations that we can not only retain the skills entrusted to us, but also extend our skills to areas where the trusted third party is necessary, such as mediation or statement of facts.

This foundation of our profession will also allow us to convince you at this congress of our place in the new digital world. This new world is not the future but its already the present! As a trusted third party and independent actor of justice, the judicial officer plays a crucial role in securing this new world of blockchain and the Metaverse, just as it has been doing for centuries in the real world.

Finally, we will also offer you an unforgettable cultural and social experience. Rio de Janeiro is known for its beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema, its 38-meter tall Christ the Redeemer statue located at the top of Corcovado and Sugarloaf Mountain, a granite peak accessible via 2 cable cars. The city is also known for its sprawling favelas. The famous Rio Carnival, with parades of floats, flamboyant costumes, and samba dancers, is considered one of the biggest in the world. The leisure possibilities are literally breathtaking, which you can discover before or after the congress. During the welcome reception and gala dinner, you will already be able to taste the real Brazilian culture!

We will need you at the congress! Yes, all of you! We want to make you, the participants, major actors to make this congress a success that we all hope for! We are convinced that it will be a strong meeting between judicial officers from all over the world, welcomed in a country and that is eager to receive us with warmth and kindness.

See you in May 2024 in Rio de Janeiro!